Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 13th January


It’s green everywhere here in the Selous Game Reserve, which makes it look beautiful. By having green grass and water around the camp we don’t need to drive far away to look for game, all the animals are close enough to watch them even from your banda.

There has been a lot of activity recently, Hunting dogs sighting around the airstrip, animals giving birth and some of them been killed by predators, that’s how nature controls itself, without been interfered with by human being.

During the short rains {from November up to the end of January} it’s a good time for animals to deliver their young. I have witnessed Wildebeests, Impala, Giraffes, Eland and Elephants moving around with their newborn babies, which make easy pickings for the predators

Two days ago, I saw a wildebeest giving birth, it was unbelievable how quickly the baby started to try to stand up, within a minute of birth it manage to stand and began to follow its mother and stay close which help to avoid getting lost or killed by waiting predators. Within days, it can run fast enough to keep up with the adult herd.

A calf eats its first grass at about ten days, although it is still suckled for at least four months. Even after weaning, it will remain with the mother until next year’s calf born. At that time the young males are driven away, but the females often remain in the same group as their mother.

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