Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 5th December


The Wild Dogs are back in town…

It has almost been two months since we last saw Wild Dogs around Beho Beho, now they are back again and this time with pups.

It was a pack of eight dogs with seven pups who had just made a kill and were heading down for a  drink before moving back to the shade to relax and leave the pups to have fun with a Warthog piglet head, which they had just killed, its was wonderful watching them play.

Dog packs usually consist of one dominant breeding pair and several non breeding adults helpers. The breeding female gives birth about once in a year, with litters averaging about ten pups though as many as 19 have been recorded. There pups are born in a shelter of thick bush or grass or in a hole. Twice as many male pups are born, unlike many other carnivores, the female pups leave the natal group when they reach maturity, not the males.

After a litter is born, however, they will limit their travelling and hunting to areas closer to the den, thus is the reason they disappeared for almost two months.


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