Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 17th November


It was another great day at Lake Tagalala, as we always make this day a special boat experience. On this day I went out with Walter (he’s my manager and on the other hand he’s a professional guide), as we started our day out at the camp early in the morning, the game was a bit quiet. But as we were getting closer to Lake Tagalala the game was becoming more active, due to many of these animals being water dependent. At some stage we stopped along the lake shore for a little breakfast nibble, and then off we went straight to the lake shore for our boat excursion.

That’s when I started pointing out all the Aquatic creatures to our guests, including gorgeous birds, crocodiles and hippos, but there was a funnier surprise in store. Normally we have Tilapia fish jump into the boat, but it was a great moment at the lake as we had a Tiger fish jump into the boat. It was a nice size one, as you can see Mr Walter holding it carefully, due to the teeth. It is the first time a Tiger has ever jumped into the boat.

After the boat experience we also went out to the natural hot springs for a little plunge, it was a great day, and I was so glad to see the guests enjoying the experience.

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