Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 28th October


It has been a lovely month here in the Selous Game Reserve, because you can see baby animals everywhere, which indicates the rains are nearby. Most of the game prefer to deliver their young before or during the rains, when there is enough food for them and for the new born. It means if moms have enough to eat they will have enough milk for their babies.


Yesterday I had a good time with Honeymooners (Criss and Jessy) on a morning game drive, Jessy was keen to see baby animals and Criss was keen to see a kill. We started with baby Impala around the airstrip, there were more than seven with their mom, it was really funny to watch them playing around. Next up were two baby Elephants, it’s a good thing for Elephants to have babies because nowadays the number of them is in decline and main reason for this is poaching. After the Elephant babies were Giraffe and Greater Kudu babies. The highlight was a baby Hippo of about two days who was struggling to walk to the water.


Before breakfast we saw two Lion finishing up an Impala. Impala are too fast for the Lions to kill, so there’s a possibility they scavenge it from the Leopard.


The water level in Lake Manze is going down everyday, which is unusual compare to last year, which forces the Hippo to rest in the mud instead of water during the hot day. It seems to be a good time for the Elephants because they have enough mud to cover their bodies, which helps to protect against the harsh sunrays, so fifty Elephants around Lake Manze is quite normal right now.

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