Beho Beho Bush Blog – Salum – 12th October


I have just come back from off days. It looks very different from when I left as everything has dried up. I was with two guests on board for the first drive heading towards Lake Manze via Beho Beho River. We had such fabulous time because we saw quite a lot including a nice herd of Buffalo, a male bush pig, troop of black and white colobus monkey, brand new baby Impala and new Warthog piglets and a nice pride of five Lions including two females and three sub adults. When we found them they were stalking two old male buffalo. Unfortunately the sub adults started chasing before the pride got close enough and the Buffaloes took off.  But the young ones didn’t give up chasing for about hundred metres. The buffalo then stood the ground and chased the lions away. We watched this interaction for a good twenty minutes before the buffalo disappeared into the thickets. When the sub adult Lions regrouped they started playing and jumping on a dead fallen tree. We stayed and watched them for a long time until the adults came back and they went to the shade of a palm tree for a Siesta. In the evening I took two couples for an evening drive and we went to the Hippo pool. The number of hippos that are there is amazing. It is always exciting to watch them, if they are not fighting they will start calling when you are there. We had our lovely sundowner at the one of the cliffs watching Elephant digging and drinking on the riverbed.




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1 Response to Beho Beho Bush Blog – Salum – 12th October

  1. Hi Salum,
    Welcome back. I hope your family is doing well.
    Love the updates! If I were the lions, I would not mess with the old dagga boys! They are tough! I wish we could have seen the colobus monkeys and the dogs when we were there! I guess we will have to return!! That sounds good to us. Your camp is so beautiful and has the best facilities and food around!
    Safari Sissy

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