Beho Beho Bushblog – Phil – 10th October


We are coming to the end of the dry season now, lots of guests have commented to me about it – how dry it looks, and yes, looking out across the plains you will see straw coloured grasses, various species of leafless trees showing grey or brown, patches of bare soil adding to the feeling. But Selous is not baron, there is colour everywhere vibrancy and movement abound – you just have to look closely.

So for anyone checking in on our blog and wondering what they might see on an up and coming safari, here is a selection of photo’s from some of my recent safari’s.


First up a favourite for most visitors the Lilac-breasted Roller who is always around  and always adds several splashes of colour.


A group of birds I have spent a long time watching and photographing recently with various sets of guests are the always active and beautiful Little Bee-eaters.



An amazing sighting which stands out was of an immature Martial Eagle trying to hunt a business of Banded Mongoose, however this time it got more than it had bargained for as the Banded Mongoose fought back and chased it away – one plucky Mongoose even launching itself into the air with the intention of biting a chunk out of the Eagle!

1010144 1010145

And a couple of shots from a wonderful sighting we experienced today, our attention drawn by some very upset and alarmed baboons to this the most elusive of all cats -the Leopard.

1010146 1010147

All this is here, we just have to look (and for the leopard, get lucky) and all in a place with vista’s such as this!


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