Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 19th August


Ever since my last blog, more and more exciting encounters have been coming my way. The last couple of walks I have come face to face with the big ones, an afternoon with 19 elephants, a sundowner with dagga boys, an adrenaline rush with hippos and of course the king of the jungle as known by many couldn’t be left aside.


On an afternoon just as we were having the normal Beho Beho high tea, cupcakes and cookies were on the display before we embarked on a walk. I heard a wildebeast cry for its life. It is a call that is very clear to anyone’s ear that whoever is making it is fighting for its life. As this went on the hippos joined the chorus and this gave me almost a pinpoint location to where this was happening.


We started our march, just few minutes after the drama and were now determined to at least find out what had happened or what was happening at the Msine valley. Not long into the walk we come across an elephant who was just as surprised as we were, and I could see he was not going back down, so we moved off the path into the sun as he came charging towards or direction, it was clear though that he just wanted a clean path, so after a shout and move off the path he ran the opposite direction to comfort.


We watched a hippo for a while after that and now getting close to where I new if anything had happened it won’t be far, I started briefing my group as to what we were going to do, suddenly I heard a growl, sure enough there was a lion and it had brought down a wildebeest, not so far from where we were.


Lions become unpredictably dangerous when with cubs or with a kill not forgetting a fresh one. So we agreed to go back and get to the other bank of the valley and see our chances of this sight. When we got to the other side four crocodiles came running from the dead wildebeest, diving off the bank and splash into the hippo contaminated waters, at the same time a lioness comes running as an effort to keep her prize. Bloody face and sharp canines in display it was a real sight of a predator in its element.


Trying to get a better view we went around the valley and on to some high ground, and again when we got back to the sight three crocodiles where fighting for the corpse and no sign of the lioness, this worried me a little but she then showed up attempting to chase the crocs, and as she sat down to take her breath she then saw us and didn’t like our company so much, she crouched almost flat to the ground, gave us this look that tells you to back off, tail curved up at the tip and swaying left to right, she then gave us a growl and charged out of sight.


I knew it was time to move, and so we did and ended with a beautiful sunset with a giraffe and later two dagga boys.


As we were driving back just at the airstrip a pack of wild dogs awaited to wish us a good night. A pack of 18 dogs just getting ready to go hunt their favourite, impala.


Another spectacular afternoon walk to be remembered for a long time.

1908141 1908142 1908143 1908144




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