Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 12th Aug


I was with a honeymoon couple on board for the morning drive. It was one of the most memorable drives of my life. We stopped at the beginning of the lake to watch big herds of animals around us. There were Buffaloes moving away from the lake as well as Wildebeest, Zebra, Giraffe, Baboon, Waterbuck, warthog and Impala queuing towards the lake to drink. We spent a good half an hour watching them before Godlisten radioed us that he had seen a Lioness stalking a Wildebeest. On the way towards Godlisten about a hundred meters from where we were we saw a pride of six Lions including Two lionesses and four sub adults of about one and half years old. We parked our car nicely in the shade so that we could enjoy watching them. It didn’t take long time before one sub adult to got up and walk towards us and she sat in the vehicles shadow. She got curious and started sniffing my car. The rest of sub adults also got up and came to join their mate, but this time it wasn’t sniffing it was chewing the back tyres and mudguards. One of them even went under the vehicle and I don’t know what she was doing. After about five minutes of this, suddenly I heard one of my tyres losing air and all of the lions jumped to the side of the car. I quickly start the engine but the lions were still curious. They were coming to see what happened. I moved quickly for about hundred meters and when I looked back I saw them following the car and I decided to go even further. When I went to check the tyre I didn’t believe what had happened. At first I thought they had just broken the tyre valve and that’s what caused the drop in pressure, but it was different. A Lions canine tooth went trough the tyre and caused the puncture. I quickly change the tyre and we decided to carry on our drive and on the way back we saw the the lion stalking the Wildebeest but unfortunately the baboons were there and made an alarm call and all Wildebeest got spooked and ran away.

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