Beho Beho Foodie Blog – Karin- 7th Aug


THE FOODIE BLOG – You say Tomato…


“A world without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins.” ~ Laurie Colwin, home Cooking


If I was ever to be stranded on a desert island and I could take only 5 ingredients with me, tomatoes would be the first to make the list. I’m not quite sure what the other four would be, but the tomatoes are non-negotiable.


When we were kids, we used to eat it like an apple, sprinkled with just a little bit of salt, and it was perfection incarnate.  Memories of sunny summer days, hot and heavy afternoons with thunder threatening in the distance, the salty sweet juice dripping down to our elbows before jumping in the pool to cool down and rinse off, and it was heaven. There is nothing quite like a firm, scarlet red tomato that has been ripened under the African sun.


“It is difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato” ~ Lewis Grizzard


Tanzania exports many great quality products, but I personally believe that tomatoes are its finest produce.


The tomatoes we get here are not the pale, hard, watery and tasteless variety that can be bought in stores these days. They are all organically grown without anything but rain and sunshine from above. As nature intended. And they are magnificent.


They are not all equal in size or shape, and some have scars and marks, but it just makes them more appealing I think. And of course they don’t last as long as store-bought option, but that just creates the ideal opportunity to cook up some fabulous tomato sauce. Combined with a bit of onions, garlic and herbs, it makes for the most delightful accompaniment to almost anything – pasta, pizza, meat sauces or even just with a bit of cream whizzed up for a deliciously humble soup.


I think it is like cooking with wine – it has to be good quality or it defeats the point.


After so many years of cooking it just comes naturally and from the heart for the cooks here at Beho Beho, so there is no recipe for this tomato sauce – otherwise I would have happily shared it with you.


Sometimes it is not about the most exclusive/expensive caviar or edible gold leaf covered filet mignon, but about enjoying the simple pleasures of life.




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