Beho Beho Bushblog – Phil – 5th Aug

philblogOur guests Aldo and Manuela wanted to do a short morning drive, before coming
back to have a spot of breakfast.
The previous afternoon I had taken them out on a walk, an extremely enjoyable
wander down to the battlefields. Along the way we watched the antics of a troop of
Baboons for a while, full of fun as usual, before moving along to a spot overlooking a
bend in the Msine River. There we watched a herd of elephants feeding as they made
their way slowly upstream along the dry riverbed, all the while a group of Sykes
monkeys proceeded to shout their displeasure at us, from the canopy of the
surrounding riverine trees.
As the elephants disappeared around the bend, we decided to move on ourselves,
time was ticking and sundowner drinks awaited. Before arriving at our destination
though, we saw that there were a lot of vultures in the trees off to our right. After a
refreshing drink we climbed back on to the vehicle, to see that the vultures
attraction was the remains of a buffalo carcass guarded by a lone and very fat
So back to this drive, we were to head out at 06h30 and had arranged to have a bit of
breakfast back at camp around 8 ish. After such an eventful walk the previous
afternoon, I was a little worried that with such limited time to search for the
animals, that it would turn out to be a bit of an anticlimax. Still Aldo and Manuela
were keen and you’ve got to be in it to win it, as they say, so off we went.
Well how wrong I was……….We started with a big elephant bull in musth strutting
across our path before swiftly disappearing, we assumed in pursuit of the herd and
hopefully some attractive and receptive females.
Next up a herd of a couple of hundred buffalo. Great I think – Decision for a short
drive justified.
But it didn’t stop there, driving over a rise and, yes, wild dogs! 3 of them and on the
move, one starts calling pointing its muzzle into the ground to increase its
resonance and hoooot…………….hoooot, and then they are off running with a
purpose. Suddenly there are another 5, and it’s a melee twittering and chirping their
greetings to each other, before they are off again and we have to leave them.
Time to get back to camp for breakfast, and we even saw a lioness at the airstrip
before arriving back at camp.
And to think I was worried we wouldn’t find anything!

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