Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 28th July


We have had such a brilliant animal sightings the past few days in the bush. The first one I was with a family of six guests on the morning drive to Lake Manze.  At the Lollipop crossing we saw nice interactions between two troops of Baboon and two families of Elephants on the palm trees. Lake Manze is back, it was fantastic because we saw a lot of different animals queuing to drink like a big breeding herd of Buffalo, Wildebeest, Zebra, Giraffe, Waterbuck, Impala, Warthog and Baboon. Then we saw two Lionesses on the hunt. We watched them for a few minutes before they disappeared into the bushes. About a kilometre away from the Lionesses we saw some Vultures landing, we decided to go to see what happened and we found a pair of Side Striped Jackals which was my first sight of Jackals this season. Then we saw some drag marks heading to the bush where we saw one Lioness with a Waterbuck kill which I have never seen before. She just opened the stomach and we watched her eating the stomach contents.

The following day I was with a family of four guests for another morning.  When we were in the open plains Phil radioed us that he had found some Wild dogs. We went there and luckily we found them. They were nine Wild dogs but the Alfa female didn’t stay with us for a long time before she ran towards pyramid hill. We spent some time with the rest and we manage to watch them trying to chase Impala although it wasn’t a successful hunt. After the dogs we went to the lake where we saw a pride of five Lions including two females and three young ones. They were in hunting mode. We followed them for about half of kilometre then we decided to make a big detour because there were some Wildebeest going to drink and we thought we would wait for them there we can see both the Lions and the Wildebeest from one spot. It took about a minute before we saw these Wildebeest run back and behind them there were some Lions chasing them and they manage to kill a young one. We watched them drag the kill to the shade. The same evening I took a honeymoon couple for an evening drive to the Hippo pool where we saw more than forty Hippos. Then we drove to roller coaster where we saw twenty giraffe but they where on other side of Msine River. Two young male where play fighting. It is always incredible to see giraffes fighting. As we where watching them all of a sudden we saw a male Lion sitting in the riverbed. After a minute he got up and walk towards us. He passed in front of our car and went to drink. He had a long drink and went to sit up on the hill. It was fantastic because we had our sundowner drinks watching him.

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