Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 18th July


I just got back about a week ago from my short break. I had a lovely time in Arusha my home town, cold weather, rain now and then and lush green vegetation all around, warm friends and family just next door.
Sounds like heaven but….. I still longed to my coming back to the Selous. It is now getting to my favourite time, drying up fast and so is the interaction between predator and prey at all levels. Trees are dropping leaves quickly so as to save as much as possible for the dry period, it’s becoming a scramble for space amongst the hippos, opportunities in abundance for the likes of lions now that water is limited. The trick is, where there is water, there is life and that works through the chain.
The scenery has almost completely transformed, from lush green to golden spear grass and ancient looking trees with only branches pointing up. Very dramatic setting as we still have a lot of cloud cover, windy and cool, this marks the end of the wet and beginning of  the dry season.
I have been back a week and already seen this change. Huge herds of buffalo have started gathering, wildebeest, zebra and impala as well. Lake Manze is getting the abundance. A few days ago we found a pride of five already taking advantage, they had killed a young wilderbeest. It is times like this if you recall the “greedy pride” comes into action.
It is my intention to update you with the progress of these changes and the challenges the animals herein face before the next rains.

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