Beho Beho Bushblog – Saningo – 13th July


It has been a very good week in terms of game viewing on drives.

The last few days we have had some great mornings, and on one such morning, I was trying to find lions, because the guests were eager to see them. So as we went in search at the battlefields, close to Selous’ Grave, we saw Impala’s stotting. I stopped to grab my binoculars to see what’s happening, and that is when I saw the wild dogs chasing them.

It was a great surprise to see dogs instead of lions, and the guests appreciated it as well.


We had enough time to spend with them, as they remained active during the morning, chasing Impala’s on the plains. For the rest of the morning we saw lots of Zebra, wildebeest, some Elephants and a nice troop of baboon at the Beho Beho River crossing.


On my way back to the camp, Alison (one of my guests) said it was such a great morning to see something, I didn’t expect. I was also really surprised.


As now I sit at the eagles nest writing this blog during sunset! I can hear the wild dogs calling from the Battlefields, as I think back about the morning.



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