Beho Beho Bushblog – Phil – 25th June


The season is now well underway and it has been a fantastic beginning, leaving all of us here with a really good feeling with the rest of the season in front of us and anticipating much more of the same!


The week began as Neil and Lynzee Marks were coming to the end of their stay with us here at Beho Beho, but the Selous still had one last surprise in store for them.

On their last morning just one hour before the flight taking them out of the reserve arrived, we spotted 18 African wild dogs on the airstrip.

Being amongst the most endangered predators on the African continent and such characters, they are always a delight to watch. A great ending to Neil and Lynzee’s safari.


As the week went on guests enjoyed every type of activity possible.

From spending extended periods sat in the wilderness watching the peaceful feeding behavior and interactions of herds of Elephants on our walking safari’s.

To drives ending with the deep reds and purples of the sun setting, the distant Uluguru range in the distance and a flock of Grey-headed Parrots sending out their eerie screeches as they settle to roost amongst the crown of a Long-pod Cassia tree in the Beho Beho river below us.


These are the sort of magical moments that we at Beho Beho are lucky enough to enjoy every day and are such a joy to share with our guests.

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1 Response to Beho Beho Bushblog – Phil – 25th June

  1. SARAH BAILEY says:

    Good Job!
    Mama B

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