Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 23rd June


Finally we are into the season, still on and off but really great to be out there and see the changes from the wet to the dry season.

When I came back it was all green, lush and the scenery is amazing. That plus the stunning landscapes in the Selous made the place a paradise. We had only one problem, everywhere or at least most places were still wet and so we couldn’t drive far enough. This made me love Beho Beho even more, we are located on a hill slope and have a view that stretches as far as your eyes can see, with the help of binoculars one can still see all the animals from the comfort of the camp.


It is now drying up, the grasses are all golden in the morning and evening sun, and as we approach the dry season this calls for a different adventure. When water becomes a scarce commodity, life becomes a struggle. This makes for exceptional game and interaction between predator and prey.


It’s a shame it took me a whole month to figure out how to welcome you all into the new season, I still havent but I guess I should just take this opportunity to do so. Hoping for a wonderful season and we are all ready to share with you the experiences the selous game reserve has to offer, with a touch of course of the BEHO BEHO experience that fills up the missing dots.


Come one, come all and let us interact with nature, understand it and most of all kick back and relax away from your daily struggles in life.

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