Beho Beho Bushblog – Phil – 15th June


Well here we are at the start of a new season; for me, my first season as part of the team here at Beho Beho and the first of many blog posts that you can expect from me.


Seeing that I have been working in the Selous for the last 3 years, you might think that I must know the reserve like the back of my hand – well ok, it does give me a bit of a head start- but Selous is so vast and its habitats so diverse, that moving to a new area of the reserve means experiencing not only new topography and vegetation, but also an array of new sights, sounds and smells.


So I am here at the start of a new adventure. Each of the guides has been taking me out – by boat, on drives or striding out on foot- showing me which road goes where, which river crossings are okay, which to avoid when wet and of course, which areas to go to in search of certain species.


As you can see from these pictures, Selous at this time of year is vibrant and colourful, the game is looking healthy and there is something new to see around every corner.


I’m excited! I’m raring to go and get out there and explore my new little corner of this African wilderness!

1306141 1306142 1306143 1306144 1306145



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1 Response to Beho Beho Bushblog – Phil – 15th June

  1. I so enjoy readiing all the wonderful bushblogs. We are coming to Tanzania end of August. We so wanted to stay at Beho Beho but could not get a private vehicle soa alas are not able because of my husbands massive amount of camera equipment. Perhaps we can visit during our stay in Selous albeit a different camp.

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