Beho Beho Bushmail – End of Season 2014

It is always a bittersweet time of year at close of season.


We say goodbye to the Beho Beho family, old friends and new, to the bush and all the animals, if only for a little while.


But we also look forward to the replenishing rainfall that will restore this paradise to an abundant Shangri-La, a place so verdurous and full of life it is hard to imagine that only a few months ago it looked like an arid desert.


The rains have gotten underway, and all the pans are overflowing, the tributaries and streams have all been washed clean and the big Beho Beho as well as Msini Rivers have started to flow. There is a downpour virtually every afternoon with the most beautiful clear light in the mornings that follow. All the myriad flowers have begun to bloom filling the air with aromas of jasmine from the Jasmine tree and Wild Jasmine, and then the smell of mashed potatoes, which comes from the flowers of the Potato Bush, accompanied by splashes of bright colour against the green.

DSCN2881 IMG_2455 IMG_5901

We have had some marvelous sightings this season. There has been loads of Elephant around our immediate area, often coming into the main area to splash around the waterhole and feed on the vegetation; excellent sightings of the Wild Dogs passing through camp and either playing or lazing about on our airstrip; and Lions aplenty – in fact, we’ve had so many Lion sightings in and around camp this year that we’ve dubbed it “The Season of the Lion”.






The beautiful Carmine Bee-Eaters are still around, darting like red arrows in flocks of up to 30 around the vehicle, catching the grasshoppers and other bugs as they jump out of the way of the wheels.


And not to forget about the first record of the Selous and bringer of great laughter after hearing the foghorn-like call of the Buff Spotted Flufftail. Other interesting birds seen this season – for those twitchers out there – include the Ruvu Weaver which has caused a stir in the birding community as it is a species which was overlooked, and often just seen as a African Golden Weaver, so a great find. The Madagascar Heron was sighted again this season, and a Bartailed Godwit.

012J1119 012J3459 IMG_5947

Werner has decided to pursue his career back in South Africa as a walking guide, and we also say goodbye to Rika, who faces an exciting adventure with starting up her own business involving the myriad textiles and textures that Tanzania has to offer.


Next season we will welcome Phil Bennett and Tricia Piper to our team in the capacity of Assistant Managers – Phil also being a walking guide and Tricia

focusing on the hospitality side.


Our employee of the season has unequivocally gone to Kessy Chuma.

Kessy has been with the company for 17 years, working his way up through the different departments and showing his strength in the maintenance area. He is like a machine and no task put in front of him is too big – you can rely on him to accomplish anything he sets his mind to.


We hope everyone has a blessed Easter period, time to spend with family and friends, and look forward to welcome all again to Beho Beho on the first of June.


Warm wishes from the Heart of the Selous,

Walter, Karin, Werner, Rika, Heribert, Salum, Godlisten & Saning’o

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5 Responses to Beho Beho Bushmail – End of Season 2014

  1. Paul Leatherman says:

    Thank you for keeping us in your connected group I always love those wonderful memories of when Carolyn and I were the last ones to leave in March 2009. We just returned from South America but it did not compare with the wonderful time we had at Beho Beho. Paul and Carolyn Leatherman

  2. Ingeborg Sai says:

    Thank you for keeping me on the list, always a pleasure to read the “bush-mail” and relive some wonderful memories. I am green with envy about the wild dogs. where were they when we kept looking for them…, will have to come back.
    My very best wishes for Werner and Rika on their new endevours.
    All the best to the whole team
    Inge Sai

  3. Christine Le Blanc says:

    It is always a pleasure to receive news of our favourite place in Africa – our third visit went far too quickly this year. Our best wishes to Werner and Riki – we shall never forget our drives with Werner and all the mud! We hope that Walter and Karin have a wonderful holiday in Europe and please remember us to Phil and Tricia, hopefully we will meet up again on our next visit!

    Our love to you ALL at Beho Beho.

    Christine and Tony Le Blanc

  4. Brian and Barbara Davis says:

    We constantly tell our new friends from our world travels about our fabulous time spent at Beho Beho in Oct. 2012. The bush mail we receive just makes it that more special, we will return.

  5. Wendy and Paul Wythe says:

    Lovely to hear all the news……thank you!
    Very best wishes to Werner and Rika in their next chapters and we hope that Walter and Karin enjoy Europe……safe travels!
    Love to everyone at Beho Beho…. Happy Easter!
    Wendy & Paul Wythe

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