Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 14th March


Every beginning has an end, and this is it for this season. We have had a great season that went by too quickly with a lot of guests and some great sightings. Buffalo in numbers up to 400 strong, lion prides in camp fighting for territory, elusive leopards giving themselves away just by calls at night and tracks the morning after. Not forgetting the giraffes, warties, wilderbeast and impala that always present you with entertainment.  Dogs on the loose, we had a pack of 23 within easy reach for several weeks, causing the poor impala to be on the lookout at all times.
The rains have come early and this made it very interesting on drives, slipping and sliding and getting stuck. But all in all this made the scenery spectacular, lush green and coloured by birds and butterflies that come in a wide range of colours, the carmine bee eaters, the roller at their best,  the raptors in their elements, and dainty swallowtails and charaxes gently fluttering from one flower to the next.
Holidays have come and I for one am honestly looking forward to it. Its time to meet family and friends that I have missed for a couple of months. City life, the noise, the lights and the rush. After the peace and quiet its actually exciting to get back but, only for a while.
The best part about all this is that, the end of a season marks the beginning of another and after a good rest I believe a better and even more exciting season awaits.
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2 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 14th March

  1. Wendy Wythe says:

    Lovely photos. We certainly did some slipping & sliding whilst there in February!

  2. Stacie Fagan says:

    Enjoy the holiday, Heribert. Much deserved time for self and family. Mark and I look forward to hearing about the Beho Beho family upon their return.
    Still reveling in the memories of our visit with you, on honeymoon, in December. Thank you for an excellent adventure.
    Warm wishes to all.

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