Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 10th February

Salum Mpapa

What a morning again! When I woke up I heard a lot of Lion and Hyena making noise. It sounded like there was some kind of confrontation. When I picked my guests up for the morning drive we decided to drive towards where the noise was coming from. Just after the battle fields we saw three Hyenas and one of them was “pink nose”. They where coming from Tamlyn’s plains. Just before we reached Tamlyn’s plains we saw six Hyenas and three of them were eating a baby Elephant. I think the Lions where the ones who killed the baby Elephant’s and the Hyena had taken it over. As we were watching them eating, another clan of about nine Hyenas came from the Beho beho forest and chased those six out of the kill and they started eating. It is always very fascinating to watch Hyena eating because it is quick and noisy.  We watched them for some time before we drove towards Little Serengeti. At the roll poppy crossing was a lot to see because there were Baboons and Elephants foraging on the palm nuts.  Again we stopped there and watch them for quite some time because it was fantastic to watch the way the animals interacted with each other. In the riverbed we saw seven Lions (Bibi pride) sitting in the shade. They looked like they had full stomachs after eating a little bit of that baby Elephant.  As we got to Little Serengeti Saning’o radioed us that they have seen some Wild Dogs. We quickly went there and we found them near the quarry. It was our pack of twenty two calling each other and when they rejoined they went to have a siesta under the Acacia tree. The following day I took two guests to Lake Tagalala for the boating and we had such a fantastic time because we saw a young female Leopard who was so relax. Then we saw Hyena at the same sight eating Impala. It looked like the Leopard killed the Impala and the Hyena took it. So the poor Leopard was sitting in the shade hoping the Hyena would leave something for her. On the lake we saw so many Fish Eagles fishing and twice we saw them fighting.  Also we saw Marabou stocks fighting for fish and as usual a lot of crocodiles. My guest had a nice experience of the lake and some nice shots of both birds and crocodiles.

Beho Beho Leopard Beho Beho Hyena Beho Beho Wild Dogs Beho Beho Lions





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One Response to Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 10th February

  1. Aboubakar Mpapa says:

    sometimes it’s difficult to believe what ur fellows told u about the bush. an elephant be down of lion in food chain. This is why I love the bush.

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