Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 22nd January

Walter Jubber

The New Year is on us, and the magic and sightings of wildlife hasn’t ceased. We have had some memorable moments, from Wild Dog coming to drink at the water hole, to a young bushbuck that was born and raised around management and guide accommodation. It has become a regular now, and very relaxed, so much so, that it comes to visit us at the office quite regular.

But besides the cute, dainty bushbuck, we have had the lions in and around camp quite often. With regular sighting of them drinking at the water hole, or tracks coming past and through camp in the morning, showing that they were here.

It is becoming drier in the Selous, and the parched land is looking for some rain, to rejuvenate once again, with the elephant herds returning to the spring below camp to quench their thirst and cool down, from the hot afternoons. The African Buffalo herds have also returned to the plains in front of camp, with our resident African Civet frequenting the light by the waterhole in search for something tasty to gobble up.

The location of the camp is most certainly in an ideal spot to allow for nature and life to carry on with our eager eyes, watching to see who comes next.




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