Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 9th January


We have got such strange weather this year. It hasn’t rained for a long time now. The grass looks brown again. Mornings are very cloudy with a lot of wind and the temperature is nice, at about ten all the clouds burn off and it gets hot. It was a Tagalala day with two guests who were enthusiastic birders. The good game started at home with a family of seven Elephants including two babies coming to drink at the water hole. Also we had such a fantastic sight of a Civet which I have never had before. It was so close and we stayed with him for a few minutes.  When we got to the battlefield we saw Bibi’s pride who looked very hungry waiting near the waterhole for animals to come so that they could hunt. Close to Msine Palm forest it was so difficult to get through because the Elephants were everywhere, picking up palm nuts dropped  baboons having  breakfast.  After watching them for a long time I had to negotiate slowly until we passed them. Just before Sean’s cliff we saw two White backed Vultures in a dead tree beside the road. We went close to see what had happened and we saw twenty one Wild Dogs in the riverbed. I think they killed an animal on the other side of the river because we saw two Palm nut Vultures, two Marabou Stocks and a White Headed Vulture eating leftovers. We decided to have a short stop to watch them. As we got to the lake we saw one Lioness walking with the head down. It means that she was hunting but we didn’t know what she was going for. We waited till she disappeared into the bush and we slowly made a detour to see what she was hunting. On the way we saw another Lioness walking to the lake to drink. We quickly followed her and watch her drinking. Then she went to hide in the bush waiting for animals coming to drinking (Very smart). Then we went to see the one that was hunting and we found a breeding herd of Impala and we sew her hide in the bush. We left them there and we went boating. As usual in the lake are a lot of Hippos, Crocs and Birds. But this time we saw many new Crocodile hatchlings. After boating we went to the hot springs and on the way we heard Baboons shouting from where we saw the Lionesses Hunting.  We decided to go and see what happened and as we got there we saw one Lioness who was drinking with a fresh kill of a young Warthog. But she was in the bush. The noise we heard from the Baboons was when she was killing Warthog. As we left we saw another Lioness who was hunting Impala looking for her pride mate. I thing she heard the Baboon that’s why she went to see if her mate succeeded. We left her still looking for her mate.

In the evening while we were having pre dinner drinks at the main area watching the water hole. There were two Hippos then a family of Elephants came and chased Hippos. Two Hyenas also joined the show but they had to queue. When the Elephants left Hippo and Hyena came to drink. Then it was quiet for a long time before two Lionesses popped out and started drinking. As we were watching them one Hippo appeared and start chasing them into the bushes but the Lionesses didn’t go far just around the bushes and back but the Hippo didn’t come back to drink. A very nice day again out in the bush!

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