Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 31st December

Salum Mpapa

It is still green although the grass is starting to wilt because we haven’t had rain for about a week now. But still we have good game on our open plains. Yesterday I went on the morning drive with two girls. We had such a fantastic time. Good game started as soon as we left the camp where there were six bull Elephants. Some guests delayed going on their drive because of them. When we got to Beho Beho International we saw one Lion, sitting at the end of the runway where the airplanes park.  He was one of the three Musketeers. We watched him for some time before we carried on. On the plains we saw some impala, Zebra, Wildebeest, Giraffe and Warthog. Just after Killfish crossing we saw Impala running so fast from where we were going heading. We quickly went there to see what was chasing them and we found a big pack of Wild dogs. There were twenty two of them including thirteen puppies. I have never seen so many puppies. They looked as if they had full bellies although they were still hunting. We watched them chasing two adult Wildebeest which is unusual but they didn’t manage to kill them. Then they tried Impala twice and both were not successful. We left them at the Battle field and we went to little Serengeti where we saw five Hyenas in the gully eating. We didn’t know what they were eating until one of them came out with a leg and it was Wildebeest. I was trying to get to a better place to get the better look at them and all of a sudden I heard a Hyena giggling. I quickly went to see why and I found a Leopard. Still it was a poor sighting because it all happened on the other side of the gully so I had to find the crossing and luckily we did and by that time the Leopard had run away. When he was far enough away he started walking and we had a better look of him. When he disappeared into the bushes we went to watch the Hyenas and then carried on with the drive. After fifteen minutes of driving we saw a pride of two lionesses and four cubs. Sitting in the shade near the water hole where there was one Hippo. He looked not to be bothered by the presence of lions.

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