Beho Beho Bushmail – Christmas 2013

“Rain clouds come floating in, not to muddy my days ahead, but to make me calm, happy and hopeful.” Rajuda

The rains have come early this season, with a big downpour in the beginning of October. This changed the once dry and desert-like landscape into a lush, malachite green sea of sprouting grass and leaf within a matter of days. The Msini River flooded and washed the hippo pool clean out, and the burning bush stood proudly alight in it’s crimson coat of flowers.

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“Emerald slopes became so tall they touched the clouds, and showers painted diamond waterfalls that sluiced down cliff sides.”

― Victoria Kahler, Capturing the Sunset

It really is unbelievable how quickly the turnover happens – you could literally watch the grass grow beneath your toes.

You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain – Dolly Parten

Beho Beho Rainbow

Here in the Selous, the rain is never cold. Instead, it is rather a little reprieve from the hot and heavy air, waiting for the heat to break and bring a bit of freshness to the atmosphere.

Not only does the rain bring new life to the trees and grass, but also to the animal world. The ruminants, so concentrated around the lakes in the dry season, swiftly move away to greener pastures around camp and the surrounding plains.

We have thousands of tiny, dainty little impala lambs, loads of quirky warthog piglets, running around with their antennae tails aloft, and zebra foal moving just as quickly as their gangly legs can carry them.

Of course, with the abundance of life around, there will always be someone to take advantage of it. We have seen numerous lions doing just that. Bibi’s pride, with her family of seven lions continue to roam around camp, and they are often heard calling that low grumbling throaty roar, and their tracks are seen coming through the footpaths regularly.

Beho Beho Lion Beho Beho Lion Beho Beho Lion

The wild dogs have been spotted several times; there are four different packs around our area, two of which have pups.

Beho Beho Wild Dogs Beho Beho Wild Dogs Beho Beho Wild Dogs

This is paradise. So full of vivacious life and energy.

The Staff Employee of the Month Awards went out to Ally, Kessy and Martin respectively for work done above and beyond the call of duty.

As we are getting geared up for the festive season, we wish everyone a safe and merry Christmas and a splendid new year, to be shared with loved ones near and far.

Warm regards from the Heart of the Selous,

Walter, Karin, Werner, Rika, Heribert, Salum, Godlisten, Saning’O and the entire Beho Beho Team

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7 Responses to Beho Beho Bushmail – Christmas 2013

  1. Nita Hiatt says:

    We are so pleased to hear about what is going on. This just encourages us to come and see you again to experience the wonders of the green season! Christmas wishes to you all and a Very Happy 2014. Kind regards

    Alan and Nita Hiatt

    • behobeho says:

      Hi Alan and Nita

      We would love to see you again and yes the Green Season is wonderful. We are lucky in the Selous, every season is different but equally as good.

      Wishing you a fantastic Christmas and New Year

      The Beho Beho Team

  2. Sharon Ralph says:

    Your newsletters always bring back the glorious memories of our stay with you (some years ago now). I hope that we can make a return visit with the rest of our family in the not too distant future. Best wishes for a very happy Christmas and a peaceful 2014.

    The Ralph Family

    • behobeho says:

      Happy Christmas to the Ralph Family. We hope you do make it back down our way in the not to distant future. It will be great to have you back.

      I hope you all have a great Chistmas.

      The Beho Beho Team

  3. Christine Le Blanc says:

    Happy Christmas to all at Beho Beho – we are now counting down the weeks until we see you all in February!

    Christine and Tony Le Blanc

  4. Dorothy and Graydon Morrison says:

    Happy New Year to the Beho Heho team!

    How nice it was to read your newsletter and receive your warm Christmas greetings, I have just finished reading through it, our Christmas holidays went by way too fast with interruptions here and there and it is just now that I have had the time to get to the emails and enjoy the Christmas greetings and news. So nice to read your news and look at the pictures and reflect on our wonderful week with all of you in September, an unforgettable time, could it really be as wonderful as our first visit? YES, and even more so! Oh my gosh I so hope we are lucky enough to come back again and enjoy the wonders of the green season. Please know this comes with our love and best wishes to you ALL for a Happy, Healthy and prosperous New Year (I can still taste the delicious Lemon merangue pie!!) Congrats to Kessy, We are not surprised at him receiving the employee of the month award. as along with Werner he made our tree house adventure an amazing experience! Bon accord to the Beho Beho Team, an old greeting which means, Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part, Happy to Meet Again!!!!!!

    All the best and hugs, Dorothy and Graydon Morrison

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