Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 13 December

Salum Mpapa

It is beautiful and green and the sun is still shinning. There is a lot going on near to the camp. Two days ago I went to do a halfway transfer at Mwanamungu. On the way we saw so much including a family of Elephant, big breeding herd of Buffalo like a good five hundred of them, Zebra, Giraffe, Wildebeest, Impala, Baboon and warthog. Also I had good sighting of beautiful birds. The most exciting thing we saw was a Pack of twenty two Wilddogs including seven puppies lying on the road and two Hyenas beside them. As we were watching them all of a sudden the Wild dogs got up and start chasing the Hyenas. All is about food competition. One Hyena was quick and managed to escape from them but the other was slow and ended up surrounded by Wild dogs. The Wild dogs started to give him a difficult time. He was bitten till his hind quarter was cover with teeth marks. The poor Hyena was crying try to call for others to help but it didn’t work. Finally he managed to enter into a thicket and Wild dogs surrounded it.  As the Wild dogs relaxed the Hyena shot out from the bush and this time only two Wild dogs followed him and they didn’t get that far before they ignored him.

Yesterday we went to Lake Tagalala for boating.  As usual Lake Tagalala is full of life. It means there is a lot going on and a lot to see. Our good game started at Beho Beho International where we saw a big bull elephant with phenomenal tusks, there were wildebeest, Zebra, giraffe, Impala and warthog. At the end of the runway there were two Hyenas and a pride of seven Lions (Bibi Pride). We watched them for some time before we moved on and when we were at the battlefield we heard Baboons shouting from the palm forest. We went to have a look and we saw them but they were shouting and looking towards Msine River where we couldn’t get. I think they were shouting because of a Leopard, because we saw fresh tracks at the Msine crossing. Just before Lake Tagalala we saw another pride of eight Lions including four cubs, two Lionesses and two Lions. It was Black Panther’s pride and two of the three musketeers. They were very busy eating a Wildebeest. It looked like they killed it at night because all the hind quarter was eaten. After watching them we went on the lake for the boating which was amazing and on the way back we saw another pride of six Lions including three cubs and three Lionesses and also they were with the kill of a young Giraffe. So it was a lions with a kill day. You will not always get this on one drive.

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2 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 13 December

  1. Mrs CaroleRose Marshall says:

    If I won the lottery I would stay at Beho Beho for most of the year it is my favourite place in Africa!
    My very best wishes to you all at Christmas and I look forward to staying again
    Carole Marshall

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