Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 27th November


I’m back in the bush after my fantastic off days. The Grass looks brown because it hasn’t rain since October butt the trees are so green, so the contrast is beautiful. Also there are a lot of Impala babies and Warthog piglets now. Today I was with five guests on the morning drive to Pelican pan. It was such a gentle drive and we saw some nice animals like Elephant, Hippo, Waterbuck, Wildebeest, Zebra, Baboon and Giraffe. As we got to the Pelican pan we saw a small breeding herd of buffalo, about thirty of them. In the middle of the herd there was one female lying on the ground (died) with some Vultures circling above. None of us know what killed it and the breeding herd stood their ground keeping it protecting. As we got close they decided to move and as they got about ten meters away from the dead body two Lionesses shot from the bush and chased the buffaloes away before stopping where the kill was. Now we knew what killed that Buffalo. I think what happed was these Lionesses killed the buffalo and just after the kill the buffalo herd attacked the Lionesses to protect their mate. It was a pride of two Lionesses and four cubs. We watched them opening the stomach and removing the stomach contents. Then they covered it with soil and later on tried to drag the carcass into the shade but it was too heavy, so they decided to go and rest in the shade. When they went to the shade it was very interesting to watch because the Vultures came to the kill and Lions were shouting to scare them off. They took turns, sometimes the Lioness did it and other times it was the cubs.

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