Beho Beho Bushblog – Werner – 1st November

Werner Miller

I was out on an afternoon walk with the Castle family, on a typically beautiful afternoon here in the Selous. After our briefing on the general do’s and dont’s in order to ensure our safe return we headed off towards the Msini River. As the bush is greening up a little more every day, visibility in certain areas is not as far as we would like so one finds the “senses” come to life.

We hadn’t gone along very far and started talking about the Doum Palm and African Fan Palm fruit that is well loved and eaten by Baboons and Elephants alike. I noticed peering over a ridge were a few very curios ears and the most beautiful woolly faces, Waterbuck. They stared at us for quite a while and started trotting off showing their famous “toilet seat” marking. We continued along and crossed the river having a look at the “Swamp Monsters” They are Hippo bulls that lay in very muddy water hence the name.

As we crossed I reiterated that we need to be quiet to hear if there is any movement ahead of us nothing could possibly prepare the human mind to keep up with what happens next. There is the group of Waterbuck they slowly trot on, we started discussing elephant tracks that were very fresh, the sound of breaking branches rise from the bush as the herd of Water buck return in our direction running for their lives! It was seconds to see this and interpret, get to safety and see the reason these animals are so startled. Lions are hunting them ,right there you are in the hunting ground on foot. I backtracked very fast and silently as not to draw attention to our group. We saw the chase, heard the kill and were dumbstruck with how fast it all happened. I have been walking big game for twelve years and had never felt more alive when we heard the kill was successful and the familiar growls as each lion tries to claim his and hers peace of the pie (Waterbuck).

I would have loved to have captured some images of this but it was all over in the blink of an eye. As we continued we had a further encounter this time Elephants. They are not half as scary as what just happened and a lot more tolerant with people close by. We arrived to the warm welcome smile of Kessy with cold face towels .However I feel the large fresh  Gin and Tonics were the completion of a truly memorable experience.

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2 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Werner – 1st November

  1. Sheila Castle says:

    Saturday 2nd November – The Castle Family are sitting in the club lounge at Nairobi waiting to return to London and after reading Werner’s “Blog”, I wish I was back at Beho Beho. Werner has captured our adventure perfectly. I must admit my heart was racing for quite a while after we witnessed this amazing, and probably once in a life time experience! Werner handled the moment calmly and professionally and at no time did we feel threatened! The adrenalin rush was exhilarating and then after meeting the elephants en route, which were less of a worry but still important to show them respect.
    At the end of our planned, “casual” bush walk, the sundowners drinks provided by Kessy, gave us all the opportunity to sit down and relive the moment of a truly wonderful day!

  2. Werner says:

    Thank you Sheila, we await your return with great anticipation. You left us a lot of luck as we have seen the Wild Dogs daily since you left, I even found them on a walk. Trust you are all well
    Regards to Steve and Danny and Holly

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