Beho Beho Bush Blog – Salum – 11th October

Salum Mpapa

We have started the month with three days of rain!  Usually the rainy season will start in November however this year it has come a month early, however it was welcomed as it has been so dry.  

Just after the rains I walked to the Msine river because we could hear water flowing. However when I got there I was very scared, the river current was so strong and all of the Hippos were standing around out of the river.

Just after the rains some trees, grasses and flowers have started to  bloom into life again.  Animals such as Impala have started to drop their young and some of  the migratory birds like Broad Billed Roller, some Cuckoos (Red chested and Classis) and the European Bee Eater have arrived.  We have also encountered some reptiles such as Black Mamba, Monitor Lizards and Terrapins on recent drives. 

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