Beho Beho Bushblog – Rika – 28th September

Rika Miller

As we finish the days of September and build up to October, so does the heat and the days are now rather hot and sticky but never without surprises…

Here in the land of freedom and variety there is simply never a dull moment – that the sneaky squirrels make sure of.  All will be quiet in the office, only the sound of typing fingers and the humming fan in the background.  The next moment rustles and scrambles just outside the door… Squirrels chasing each other down the tree, on the steps, up to the windowsill, down the pipe, round the corner into the kitchen… oh wait… out again, someone coming.  They never fail to entertain!  Half an opportunity to steal a tea light candle, chew on your toothpaste or an open soap box and they take the chance and don’t think that you can turn your attention away from the high tea table for the slightest second or they will grab a biscuit.

Other interesting sights was the green spotted snake using it’s opportunity to blend in with the aloe and catch a gecko unaware of the danger.  This happened next to the kitchen path, just as the new guests arrive down the entrance path.  Needless to say nobody focused on filling out registration forms, sorting out luggage or sitting down for a welcome ice tea.  Getting a hold of the cameras was the only necessity.

The things we don’t see…

This stick insect which could have easily been just another twig of grass and the pretty Velvet Ant with it’s black and white polka dot backside! Off course I didn’t even notice the ant on top of the ant until I viewed the image on the computer screen!!

Some wise words …

“If you really love nature, you will find beauty everywhere – Vincent van Gogh”

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better – Albert Einstein”

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