Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 27th September

Salum Mpapa

I am still having a good time in the bush because I saw some animals which we do not seen often like Honey Badger near Lake Manze, Civet at Tamlyn’s plain, the sounds of Bush Pigs at Lake Manze, Colobus Monkey and Blue or Sykes Monkey on the Beho Beho river drive, a nice herd of Eland on Salum’s road and some nice greater Kudu at Lake Manze.  Also I have seen a bird called a Red billed Teal which I never seen before in the Selous before. Our friend the Madagascar Heron is still at Lake Tagalala (a very rare bird). But this season he is not as shy as the last season.

We have seen some big herds of Buffalo like five hundred of them on our open plains and some nice Elephants just at the camp. Our Lions at Lake Manze are still very active. I have seen them taking down Wildebeest which was very interesting to watch. We saw them first and there were two Lionesses with four cubs. Then the mixed herd of Wildebeest and Impala came to drink. As they got near with drinking point two Lionesses got up and positioned themselves. Something even my guest couldn’t believe the way these lionesses trusted us with their four cubs. They let us stay with the cubs and they went to hunt. Then one Lioness went straight to the mixed herd and one Lioness remained behind to watch which direction the herd would go because there were only two directions the mixed herd could go, either left or light. The Wildebeest chose to go left and the Lioness went to wait for them behind a bush. We didn’t go there because we didn’t want to disturb the hunt. It didn’t take long before we heard the distress call of the Wildebeest and when we went there we saw one Lioness had caught a young Wildebeest. After the kill she quickly dragged it to the bush and she went to get the cubs. The following day we saw them eating a Buffalo and at the same place. The young Buffalo was drowned in the mud.

After about two kilometers we saw another pride of five with a fresh Impala kill. The next day we went again and from a distance we heard Lioness calling and when we went closer we saw only one Lioness and she was lost (she was very busy looking for the rest of the pride). When we where watching her, like five meters away, she started calling again. It was such a nice experience but the rest of the pride seemed to be far and no one replied to her. We watched her calling four times before we left her.

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