Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 26th September


It has been a busy here in Beho Beho and a lot has happen.


I went out with the Patel family and we saw two different kills. The first one we saw was 2 lionesses with four cubs who killed an adult female buffalo and a baby, the four cubs were busy feeding and adult lionesses were having a rest after eating the internal organs. We watched them for almost half an hour before the adults decide to join the cubs with their meal. They ate for more than twenty minutes before they decide to look for some shade close to the car, they lay down for a few minutes before one of the females stood up to mark her territory. It was a good experience as it made us feel like we were part of the pride because it was the lionesses and us no one else around. From there we drove to the other part of lake Manze and we saw another pride of five lionesses kill two Impala, we saw them from a distance as they chased the Impala, it took us ten minutes to arrived at the spot and they had already opened up the Impala. It was really good to see another kill but after a few minutes everybody in the car change from smiles to sad faces after we saw one lioness take an unborn baby from one of the Impala and move away to find her own place and start to eat it.

We didn’t stay there for long because time was very limited and we have to rush back to the camp. On the way back we saw a big group of wildebeest and Eland run from the lake to a safe place because they know it is not safe to hang out around water bodies after drinking. That is how I finished this week…




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