Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 21st Sep


I have had some awesome sightings in the walks I have done so far. The season is very active around the camp and at Lake Manze. These two places have a permanent supply of one scarce resource…. water.


The best sighting so far for me was of seven bush pigs…. one doesn’t often see these magnificent creatures. They are mostly nocturnal, and very secretive during the day. I found them at a wallow, they had no knowledge of our presence for a while before they realised we were only seven meters away and took off in to the bush. A perfect sighting.


The spring at the Msine valley attracts huge herds of buffalo and wildebeest. These keep us entertained with predator prey interactions. The pride of seven that roams around here is not doing bad.


Elephants are plentiful, every walk presents a different encounter. A few days ago I was surrounded by almost 40 elephants, breeding herds and bulls, all ages and tempers.


Lake Manze with the greedy pride is even more exciting day by day. The pride makes a kill almost every second day, obviously there is plenty of prey that are forced to gather for a drink.


Generally it has been a very different season, we are getting some showers from time to time….. hopefuly this will trigger the impala to start calving, most of them look quiet heavy and this will mark the start of a different type of fun. Hopefully the wild dogs will resurface with the abundance of easy pickings.

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