Beho Beho Bushmail – Dry Season – September 2013

Countless little birds flit and flutter in the bare trees just outside the office, chirping away as if they are the only ones not feeling the heat and dusty breeze. Everything else has made a plan to get water and shade – and lots of it, as the earth is parched and the plains are bare of green feed – only dry grass remains to see them through the dry time.



We are very fortunate with the springs situated just below camp – hundreds of buffalo cross the savanna to come and have a sip of the much needed refreshment. They kick up a trail of fine powder as they go, and their bellowing echoes the vast expanse that is our little piece of the Selous.


The hippo pool is getting more crowded day by day; with the temperature rising, so are their tempers, and they can be heard roaring late into the night, fighting for a little bit of space and dignity in what remains of their daytime shelter that evaporates at an all-too-quick rate.

Adrian Izod - August 2013 from Beho Beho Photo Competition

Adrian Izod – August 2013 from Beho Beho Photo Competition

There is a small family of elephants that have made the hill that Beho Beho is situated on their home, they feed on the greenery left around camp and come down to drink at the waterhole daily. There are two tiny calves in the family and it is an absolute pleasure to watch them play and learn about life.


Lake Manze is teeming with life at the moment. Droves of wildebeest, zebra, impala, graceful eland and whatever else are congregating around this water mass, with exciting – and dire – consequences. The lions are having a feast, as are the hyenas. It is easy pickings for these predators – the animals must have water, and so have no choice but to venture into dangerous territory to get it – right into the lions’ den so to speak.

We have seen many hunts and near-kills, and a number of successful ones as well. Plenty of rapacious cats lazing about with full bellies, and that cool confident way of theirs.


The elusive leopard has also been spotted a few times, sprawled very elegantly over a big tamarind tree trunk very near to camp, or staring out from beneath its camouflage in hiding.


July and August’s Employee of the Month Awards went to Saidi – a young and energetic waiter who is never too busy to help, and Heriel, who is 2IC in the bar and always has a friendly smile to spare.

Warm regards from the Heart of the Selous,

Walter, Karin, Werner, Rika, Heribert, Salum, Godlisten, Saning’O and the entire Beho Beho Team

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7 Responses to Beho Beho Bushmail – Dry Season – September 2013

  1. Julia Albu says:

    wish we could send you a little of our rain for your poor hippos from the very south of Africa. So love to hear your news. thank you

  2. SARAH BAILEY says:

    Fabulous photos – thank you all so much.
    Shall be with you soon
    Dagga Mama

  3. Christine Le Blanc says:

    Wonderful photographs – especially the one of the leopard in the tree – in all my visits to Africa I have never seen this – hopefully next February when we return to Beho Beho -can’t wait!

  4. Marcee Mioni says:

    Such a lovely September update accompanied by glorious images. Thank you. We treasure our happy days spent at Beho Beho.

  5. Jim Parker says:

    SO miss Beho Beho . …

  6. Stephen Housego says:

    One year ago almost to the day since we were at beho beho wonderful memories and will return one day Stephen & Julie Housego

  7. it’s now been 3 years since our spectacular time at Beho Beho, often revisiting the memories and my hundreds of amazing pictures we took. We can’t wait to return hopefully in the near future
    Nicholas & Lindsey

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