This week many things have happened around the Selous and also around our camp.

Starting with camp, there are many animals coming around everyday and you may change your mind and decide to remain in your room to enjoy the animals coming close, either looking for water or grass.

Lake Manze is a still good place at the moment, last week I saw a pride of two lionesses, four cubs and one male, also an African Jacana and his chicks and am still wondering who makes the best father, the Lion or African Jacana, may be you may help me on this….

The Lion’s reputation as a father precedes him; known for his lazy and disinterested attitude towards parenting. As head of the pride he lies in the shade and sleeps the day away while the lionesses are bringing in the food. That is no mean task with the male needing an astronomical 65 pounds of meat to satisfy his appetite and despite his non-participation in the hunt the Lion helps himself to the first cut of every meal. However, If his pride is threatened by other new males, the male lion will step up and protect his family. The male lion is also quite the Casanova, with a pride of 7 or more lionesses and plenty of cubs. Unfortunately four out of five of these cubs will die before reaching their first birthday. It important for the male lion to have as many cubs as he can, he only holds his position as head of the pride for a period of 2 to 3 years, so passing on his genes while he can is essential.


The African Jacana male is not one you might find enjoying a pint down the pub or doing anything considered manly at all, at least not in the animal kingdom anyway. In fact, he’s a bit of pushover. The male African Jacana is smaller than his female counterpart and in no way wears the trousers in the relationship, but that doesn’t mean he’s not a good father. The male Jacana takes on many responsibilities usually associated with female of a species. He builds his nest on a little floating island and finds a mate. After mating and laying the eggs the female runs to breed with other males leaving the male to tend to the four eggs she has laid.

Being a single parent isn’t easy for the Jacana, he has to incubate the eggs. The male is capable of carrying his young under his wings and walking to a safe place.

Now am sure you have found out who is the best father between the Lion and African Jacana.


African Jacana



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