Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 29th Aug


It was another lovely week, and a lot of things happened around our camp, Elephant, Buffalo Hippo, Lion and Eland visit us every day.

Giraffe mating!!! It was my first time for this season to see giraffe mating though there is a lot of giraffe in Selous game reserve. It was very interesting to see them mating and the way the male followed the female all the time to make sure he didn’t give a chance to another male because they need to fight and the strong one gets the female, just to make sure not everyone gets the chance to be a father but only the strong one in order to have a strong calf.

Around Lake Manze we saw four lion cubs playing, it was very interesting because most of the time we see lions laying in the shade. Most of the cubs play imitates behaviors they will use as adults including stalking and fighting. Play is an important way for cubs to learn these adult skills as well as to form strong social bonds with their companions.

Also I got the chance to do boating on Lake Tagalala which is a different experience and swimming in the nature hot spring, some my ask themselves what is hot spring?

That is nature’s swimming pool, and the water is heated by geothermal heat i.e, heat from the Earth’s mantle. In general the temperature of rocks within the earth increase with depth. The rate of temperature increase with depth is known as the geothermal gradient. If percolates deeply enough into the crust, it will be heated as it comes into contact with hot rocks. The water from hot springs in non-volcanic areas is heated in this manner.

So I think it will be a good idea if you visit Selous and enjoy this natural hot spring.

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1 Response to Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 29th Aug

  1. Carol Steen says:

    HI, Salum! I’ll be returning to Beho Beho on November 2 for 5 nights. Really looking forward to seeing you again! Last time I was there, you were headed home to get married!

    I hope you’ll share some of your photos with me – from the few I’ve seen, you’re a wonderful photographer!

    Carol (you may remember me as the American who had a Gecko fall into her water glass at dinner one night… “What the H#*&#!” 😉

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