Beho Beho Bushblog – Rika – 21st August

Rika Miller

New Experiences…

So it has been 3 months at the breath taking Beho Beho! Time certainly waits for nobody.  Though from the very first visit, I could sense that it had that something about it.  That feeling that you have always been or somehow just belong.  The people here are what make Beho Beho different from any other camp I’ve been to. The team has been so incredibly welcoming and I have learned more about Tanzania & Swahili in this short time than I could have imagined.

Camp operations are surely not half as exciting as being out and about every day like the guides but one thing I am sure of is that Mother Nature tends to present herself to whom, when and where she likes.  I have experienced everything from lions at the waterhole & elephants between the banda’s to herds of hundreds of buffalo crossing the plains, all from our doorstep.  The highlight I guess would be the walk with Werner & Heribert (evil twins).  We were met by 2 lionesses not even 10 minutes on the walk, another first experience and that after I have lived in nature reserves for the last 13 years. This got the adrenaline flowing and the senses WIDE open.  A herd of elephant having a mud bath was next in line as well as loads of birds and the “twin headed giraffe”.  We arrived for drinks just in time so see a herd of buffalo approaching our drink spot, complimented by the perfect purple sunset.  Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

To me life is all about the finer details and thus my nickname “Gogga” is quite appropriate – always after the bugs and butterflies. Here in the Selous I am simply amazed at all the new species to tick off my list.  The fun part – off course means getting the help of the guides to figure out who exactly they are.  The most exquisite of the “living jewels” and only spotted once being the Pleasant Hornet.  What a name!! Getting a shot or even just a proper look at these butterflies requires one to become silent enough to feel the rhythm of the bush.

Living out here it is sometimes easy to forget just how privileged we are, but first time visitors to Africa always remind us of those new experiences and the excitement of seeing something for the first time.

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