Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 13th August


It has been busy at Lake Manze with lions. On the first day I was with a family who love watching birds and it was such a fantastic morning because we saw a lot. Great game started at the Tamlyn’s plains where we saw two big breeding herds of Buffalo, Impala and Wildebeest. Also they were many Vultures in the trees. When we went closer to identify the Vultures we saw two Lionesses and two sub adults stalking Wildebeest. They seemed to be very hungry because they where so thin and one of them was bleeding and limping. In the Beho Beho forest not far from these lions we could hear Hyena, it sounded like they were eating something. I think these Lions killed something and the Hyena took it and they had a fight.

By the lake we had such a good sighting of three Bush Pigs including one Boar. Then we saw mating Lions (The male was one of the three musketeers and the female was one of the Manze pride) and we watched for one action before we carried on watching birds. We saw some good ones like Blue cheeked bee-eater, Boehm’s Bee-eater, Pearl spotted Owlet and Glossy Ibis which we do not see often.

On the way back just before we left the lake we saw two Lionesses walking in the gully and they crossed the road following the Wildebeest. When they emerge out of the gully the Impala spotted them and they started shouting and running away but surprisingly the Wildebeest who were about a hundred meters heard the alarm call and they saw the Lionesses but they didn’t run. One lioness started walking in the open from the edge of the gully to the small hide of grasses. I couldn’t believe it because still the Wildebeest didn’t run and one Lioness was stalking along the gully. The lioness hiding in the grass shot straight to the Wildebeest and manage to separate them into two groups. One group were running away to the left.  This group was safe from the lionesses and another group that ran towards the gully were in trouble because they were cornered. One Lioness was chasing then from behind to the gully and one Lioness was chasing along the gully. The Wildebeest changed direction quickly and now they were running between the two Lionesses trying to escape but the Lioness who was running along the gully changed direction and she was too close already. Finally we ended up watching the kill. We watched one Lioness open and eat the internal organs while the other Lioness went to collect the cubs. We decided to leave because we didn’t have enough time. The following day we went to see what happed and we saw only Vultures eating the head and ribs. We saw one Lion (one of the three musketeers) with a fresh (not opened) kill of Wildebeest. Also we saw the mating Lions but they had finished their honeymoon and this time they were eating another Wildebeest. Further east of the lake we saw five Lioness hunting giraffe but they didn’t manage because the giraffe spotted them.

The following day I went again and this time was different because at the beginning of the Lake we saw Black Panther with her daughter chasing two Warthog, the Warthog managed to escape from them. The good news is both have swelling teats with blackish circles, it means they have cubs. Then we saw all three male lions (the three musketeers) with one Lioness eating buffalo in the same area where we saw the Wildebeest kill the day before. In the eastern side of the lake we saw five Lionesses just after.

Beho Beho Lion Kill Lions

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2 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 13th August

  1. Angela says:

    Very exciting to see the Mohawk maned lion again! I saw him him two summers again and wondered if he was still around!

  2. Salum Mpapa. says:

    He is still around with good condition Angela!

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