Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 6th Aug

Salum Mpapa

What an exciting three drives. The first one we was at the Hippo pool and on the way there wasn’t much happening but when we got there we saw one new born baby that had died and the body was floating like ten meters from the rest of the Pod. We didn’t know what killed it. May be it had been squashed by the adults or the big bulls sometime kill new born males to avoid competition. Two Crocodiles was there trying to open it. It was interesting to watch these Crocodiles struggling; they were biting and spinning until they manage to open the stomach.  Something that fascinated me was to see one Hippo, may be the mother walked slowly to the carcass and chased the Crocodiles away. The Crocodiles moved, but not too far away and waited. When the Hippo went back to the Pod the Crocodiles returned to the kill.

The next evening I did another drive. The plan was to go to Matambwe seeps via the battlefield. Just after the battlefield we saw a teenage male Elephant by himself. We watched him for a few minutes before we carried on and we saw some Zebras and Impalas in the Palm bushes.  I moved the vehicle to get the better view of them and as I stopped we saw a young female Leopard. She was stalking Impala. I was so excited not only to have seen a Leopard but I was expecting to see a kill because Leopard was in such a good position in the Palm bushes and she was down wind with the Impala busy grazing. Unfortunately we didn’t see the kill but we spend a good half an hour watching them. Finally we had the best sun set ever.

The following evening I did the river bed drive and it was great because we saw Blue Monkey and Colobus Monkey.  It was one of the best sights of them. We didn’t get good photos because of the distance but we had a clear view and we watched them for a long time.

Beho Beho Leopard Beho Beho Sunset Beho Beho Colobus






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2 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 6th Aug

  1. Albertini k says:

    You make me dream ! Thank you for sharing all your sensations

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