Beho Beho Bushblog – Werner – 28th July

Werner Miller

I did tree house a few days ago and those of us who know it, knows it is not your typical tree house. Andy and his wife Rachel decided to return to Beho Beho in celebration of his big birthday the big 50. So tree house was the stage set to celebrate his day. During our afternoon walk we encountered buffalo and elephant while searching for the Beho lion pride. Not a track or a whisper of lion to be found. We arrived at tree house just after six and enjoyed a sun downer overlooking the Msini River totally indulged in the breath taking landscape at our feet. With his new SWARRO Vision (the latest Swarovski binoculars) in hand Andy exclaimed LIONS!. They came out of an area where we past no more than thirty meters away. The lionesses moved down river towards water totally oblivious to our presence and they looked very well fed. So with the tone set for the next day we enjoyed dinner and went to bed under a full moon.

The next morning we headed off for a walk at 6:20 and after back tracking the lions tracks, we discovered their dinner a young giraffe. There were only a few bones and legs left which the vultures had descended on eagerly cleaning up the last remainders of the giraffe.

How does one keep up the excitement especially for return guests? Well on our way to Tagalala about three hundred meters down our access road a pack of Wild Dogs, fast asleep in the middle of the road!!

We sat with the  dogs as the sun came up watching as they woke up and sleepily moved off the road allowing us to continue our journey. After some elephants moving across the road we reached Tagalala.  The birding at this lake is incredible and soon Andy and Rachel found that with good Binos the birding bug BITES. We were treated to species like the Giant Kingfisher male and female, Madagascar Squacco heron ,Pink backed Pelican, little Bittern and Malachite Kingfisher to name but a few.

We spend the rest of the day exploring new areas around lake Nzerekela where we had lunch and started to head home at about three o’clock to find the pack of wild dogs exactly where we left them truly a fantastic day and hopefully a memorable Birthday.

Beho Beho Wild Dogs Malachite Kingfisher Giant Kingfisher







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2 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Werner – 28th July

  1. Carol Steen says:

    Hi, Werner! We met in late February when you were at Beho Beho with your lovely wife Ryka (spelling?) – visiting on your final “interview” before joining the staff. I’ll be returning in late October/early November. So delighted with my first experience there – can’t wait to see everyone again!

    (You might remember me as the American who – at dinner – had a gecko fall from the ceiling into her water glass. :-))

  2. Werner says:

    Good Morning Carol

    It is so good to hear from you. We definitely remember the gecko it is one my favourite stories hehe. We have settled in quite nicely and are loving the camp and off course the Selous.I am glad to hear you are coming back and we look forward to having you here with us again.

    See you soon

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