Beho Beho Bush Blog – Werner – 22nd July

Werner Miller

We are definitely in the dry season. The bush is adorned in the most beautiful hues of yellow and brown, however it is never bland.

There is always something amazingly colourful to be found like the Impala Lilies (Adenium Obesum) or Desert Rose, it is found in rocky well drained soils throughout the Selous. It is almost as if nature shows this secret in winter to show it off without distractions.

The Lilac Breasted Roller a year round resident also deserves mention as it always goes with ooohhh and aaahhh! When they are in flight or when they perch they show of the most incredible shades of blue.

Birding in the Selous is a year round occurrence with some great species. I was lucky enough to snap a African Skimmer at lake Tagalala. The shape of the bill is very unique, the lower mandible is longer than the upper and is trailed through water while in flight, a very well adapted feeding style.

While talking about feeding I came across a Hyena that was chewing on something peculiar on closer inspection it turned out to be an Elephant trunk.  Hyena and vultures play a pivotal role in cleaning up carcasses preventing the outbreak of disease.






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