Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 19th July

Things have gotten very exciting in the Selous. It is getting drier and thus the concentration of animals is increasing. Manze is getting packed with prey and so the lions have come to play.


We found the Manze pride the other day; it was a pride of ten strong. Three females, four cubs and the three muskerteers. They had just had a meal, rounded bellies and still on the game. One of the males was mating and the others could hardly sit comfortably struggling to digest a whole load of protein.


We did a great walk also, it was the best walk I have had in a long time. We first encountered a hippo so had to detour. On we went and encountered a herd of buffalo close to 300 strong. More was to come as we finished breakfast we found ourselves between a lioness and a mother elephant with its calf. The lions didn’t even know we were there and so we took the higher ground and watched the elephants as they gave us the eyeball as they walked away from us.  We finally made it back to camp with the best experience u can ask for on a walk.


There have been lots of elephants around the Beho Beho area, a breeding herd of 7 starts our day almost every morning around camp. Several bulls running up and down and all this makes an amazing experience for all those who appreciate nature.

Manze Lions Beho Beho Elephants Manzi Lions




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