Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 10th July


It is getting more and more amazing in the Selous. It is drying up and herds are gathering. We went to Manze the other day and already the big herds of wildebeest, zebra and impala were impressive. We also saw some hartebeest which suggests indeed the place is drying up. Buffalo have also been seen in the numbers slowly growing bigger and bigger, we have often seen 100 strong but, more is to come as the struggle for one limited resource…..water,  gets more and more intense.


We have been seeing lions at Manze. This particular pride I used to call greedy lions, the Manze pride. They are as strong as u would expect them to be, six of them in total and very serious on their menu.


I also found two young males, they are just starting their journey and are nomads, it will take another year or two before they can claim a pride. I believe they belonged to the Tagalala pride.


We also have a female that roams on her own, this is a little strange because the females are normally in a pride with the mothers and aunts and sisters.


Anyway as I said in the beginning, it is getting more and more exciting here as the dry season is picking up. Soon we will have a lot of prey concentrated and this will attract the predators and this combination can bring some amazing experiences.

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1 Response to Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 10th July

  1. Angela says:

    Keep us posted on the lone female!

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