Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 8th July

Walter Jubber

Often just being out in the wild is good enough, watching the ever changing landscapes and fresh air, blowing in your face, however as everyone will agree, some incredible sightings definitely do contribute to the experience.


This can include, heading out on an afternoon drive, lost in conversation, when one guest suddenly shouts out; “Leopard!” And to our bewilderment you look up into a large beautiful, black corky barked, Red Milkwood; and sprawled across the branch is a leopard, a small female looking back at us. This is one of those trees I’ve been driving past for two years, always peering into its branches in search of a leopard on one of its magnificent limbs, and this afternoon my wish was granted.

The shy female didn’t stick around too long, and snuck down and into the thicket around, so we tried to get a better view and possibly glimpse her before she completely disappeared.


So as we made our way around, looking through the undergrowth, a sudden “swoosh!” sound caught our attention. A sound of a big gush of wind, which only signifies one thing, air coming out of a tyre, and in particular, my left rear tyre, as a piece of leadwood, cut threw it like a hot knife through butter.

Never seen or heard a tyre loose air that quickly, but on inspection we could see there was no saving the tyre, with a vertical gash from the bottom of the tyre to the rim.


Always interesting, changing a tyre especially when you had just seen a leopard leap from the tree you find yourself under. A quick look around, and off came the tyre and on came a spare.


First leopard sighting and tyre change of the season.






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