Beho Beho Bushblog – Heribert – 30th June


It has been an absolute amazing start to the season, now that I go for walks more than I did the last season. I am seeing more exciting sightings and having experiences that I have been longing for.


The best experience this week was a walk with a family, I was backing up Werner the first day and what do you know we encountered an elephant bull, he was just as surprised as we were so he gave us a bit of a show with his ears all out and a couple of steps towards us but we managed to talk it down and he let us go in peace. The kids loved it and so we went for another walk the next day, this time we again encountered a bull elephant, he was at most 10 meters from us, I spotted him before he spotted us and so we managed to manoeuvre round the bushes without him seeing us. I was sure he knew we were there but had no idea where, the wind was swirling so from time to time he picked our scent and stopped, lifted his head and the trunk went in all directions trying to lock on us, eventually he just walked away and we carried on with our walk.


The drives have been quite exciting as well, at the roller coaster there was at least a 150 strong herd of buffalo. Just before that we bumped into a lioness doing what lions do best, sleeping on the edge of a cliff on the Msine River. I was very excited as it was my first lion for the season and just happened I was with an old friend that visited Selous about five years ago, he goes by the name Zack, this time with his little brother Jay, hoping to see the whole family again sometime.


Well I guess this is just the beginning of what I believe will be a very exciting season, looking forward to more walks, drives, boats and tree house experiences all to make ones visit worth the while.

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