Beho Beho Bushblog – Godlisten – 30th June


Its getting dry very quick here in Selous which will be a hard time for the herbivores and a good time for carnivores because they don’t need to go far looking for their prey, they just need to stay near the water. Also it becomes easy for us to find animals.


I had lovely time this week because I saw a lot of game doing different things.


On 26th June I had a game drive with three guests and we saw lions mating, we start our game drive around 6:30 in the morning, a few minutes from the camp we saw a big male elephant feeding and we stop to watch for couple of minutes before we proceed to Lake Manze where it’s very busy now, on the way we saw two male Giraffe fight for a female.

For me it was like warthog day because we saw a lot of  them.


Around 8:30, before breakfast we saw lions mating, we stayed there for almost 45 minutes and they mated three times. It was really good to watch the lions mating, because most of the time we find them in the shade without doing anything.


27th June I got out with another three guest (Simon, Jessica and Alice) and we saw six lion with two kills, one adult and a baby wildebeest, we arrived there just two minutes after the kill. The young Lioness  tried to open up the kill so that they could eat and it took them ten minutes to do so.  Alice was not happy to watch the kill because she was feel sorry for the baby wildebeest.


29th June I got out with Simon and Jessica for another morning game drive, and it was their last day and they really wanted to see the wild dogs. We started our game drive with a journey of giraffe at the airstrip and a big herd of buffalo close to the Beho Beho River and a lot of impala on the way to Manze plane. Before we stopped for the breakfast we decide to look around the lake for a good spot for breakfast, before we found it, I saw Hooded Vultures sitting in a tree, I picked up my binoculars and I saw wild dogs under the tree. We stayed with them for 30 minutes before breakfast and went back again after.

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