Beho Beho Bushblog – Walter – 19th June

Walter Jubber

Another season has begun, with the Selous looking fresh and vibrant, with different shades of green. The Leonotis are flowering with their bright orange flowers which resemble either lion paws or lion tails, which have contributed to both common names been named after these shapes. The aloes all around camp are also showing off their red, orange and yellow drooping flowers, as the Scarlet-chested Sunbirds dart to and from the aloe flowers, lapping up the sweet nectar, with their tongues and long curved beaks, which are artfully stuck into the flowers to reach the sweet honey pot at the end.


A watchful pair of African Hawk Eagle’s, have been gracing the skies above Beho Beho, searching for guineafowl or an isolated Red-necked Spurfowl to be their next shared meal, as they co-operatively hunt as a monogamous pair.

Butterflies of all shapes, sizes and colours are fluttering past and around the flowers. Some small and delicately patterned, as the blues, hairtails and pies. Others with orange tips on their yellow wings, called Orange and Lemons, or Autumn leaf Vagrants, amongst white species, like Brown-veined whites, African Vagrants and African Migrants, creating fairy landscapes as you drive through the riverine habitats. And if you’re lucky you may see a Large striped Swordtail, or even a splendidly coloured, African Sunset Moth, as it graces the skies by day, with its wings showing off the colours of the setting African sun.


The wild dogs have been seen, and actually the other day in front of camp. The evenings have been a mixed chorus, with Guttural toads croaking, as the coughing or wood sawing call of the leopard can be heard in the valley below, and the whaling sound of hippo, with you listening carefully to the lions roars in the background, to finish the concert, and sounding off the new season.

Large-striped Swordtail, African vagrants and brown-veined whites

Anthene sp





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