Beho Beho Bushblog – Werner – 18th June


I set out just after first light, destination Tagalala. Joined by Lisa, a lady with great expectation as yesterday afternoon she sat with wild dogs and lions in the morning. So with the bar set high I ventured into a new day, with the anticipation that is synonymous with the Selous what great adventure awaits.

We watched the orchestration of hundreds of Red billed quelea as the flocks streamed across the open veld from one acacia to the next. “They are like a never ending ribbon” she said, a very good description indeed.  After a visit to the lake with coffee, crocs and hippo on we go. At the hot springs a mid morning dip was just the medicine as we don’t know winter in these parts. On the way back to the truck “fang “and the gang were all around in the Doum palms brunching away on the ripe fruit undeterred by our presence. With his left canine showing it is not hard to see why Fang rules the baboon troop and no one dares to go near his feeding spot.

A drink for ourselves and homeward we turn. We travelled along the dusty road and I noticed a Burning Bush in flower so we took a closer look at its fire red flowers. “What is big and black with curly horns” she asks back on the vehicle, to this there is but one answer in Africa; Buffalo. It must have been a lone bull as I could not see any sign of the animal. I missed it. Feeling disgruntled at my luck we continue on and an ominous cloud of dust rose from a palm thicket to our west. We set course towards the area and not long after you hear them bellow we find a breeding herd of hundreds of buffalo making their way toward the Beho Beho River for a drink and some shade. We stayed for a while watching this awe inspiring sight as they just kept coming and coming.  Senior bulls came up and made it very clear that we are to keep our distance from the calves which we happily did. After some engineered photography we left them undisturbed. The silence of success was broken only by” that is truly unforgettable”………

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2 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Werner – 18th June

  1. Angela says:

    I loved the Selous when I was there, but please post pics of the fabulous animals, birds, etc!

  2. Regina says:

    will be coming on July 19th for 3 nights at the end of our safari. these blogs are amazing and we anxiously await our journey.

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