Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 15th June

Salum Mpapa

We have started the new season already after the rainy season. The scenery of the bush is beautiful because the grasses are drying, with the contrast of the morning or evening sun. The game is great because so far we have seen the rare species like Wild dogs, just at the airstrip on the first game drive. It was a pack of thirteen Wild dogs lying on the run way. We watched them for some time before they started hunting Impala who where at the southern side of the airstrip. We followed them from the start until the end of the trial which wasn’t successful, but it was such a nice experience for the guest to see the whole thing. Finally we had such a fantastic sundowner watching them regrouping and greeting. The other rare species we have seen are Side Striped Jackal which we saw just after little Serengeti, Honey Badger we saw at the lolly pop crossing, Civet and Elephant shrew. At Lake Tagalala the water is very high but the birds, Hippos and Crocodile are as abundant as usual.


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