Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 25th Feb

Salum Mpapa

We had such a nice storm two nights ago which managed to fill the Msine and Beho Beho Rivers. The Grass is back to green again. This morning I took three guests to the hot springs for a morning drive.  I decided not to drive through Selous grave because just after the grave there is black cotton soil and after rain it is always a problem. Instead I drove through roller coaster. The nicest thing about this time of the year is the good game starts at home, we saw one Elephant at the water hole and at the Beho Beho International we saw a lot of Impala mixed with Zebra with a beautiful sunrise behind them. The Msine River crossing was somehow difficult although we managed to cross. Also there were Baboons and Elephants. After the roller coaster we saw one Hyena by himself in the water hole sniffing and digging. I noticed he hid some food before and now he was looking for it. Then he went to another water hole and he did the same thing. He was very serious about what he was looking for because we went very close and he didn’t move. We had our picnic breakfast at Sean’s cliff, this time it wasn’t watching Elephant drinking but we were watching water flowing in the river. After breakfast we carried on with the drive and at the junction of Tagalala and Nyamiluba we saw many Vultures landing and when we went close we saw seven Wild dogs just killed an Impala. It was a very exciting moment because I was with the guests who stayed for seven nights and we have been looking for them for five morning drives without seeing them and this was their last morning drive. We watched them eating until they finished and by that time the sky was covered with the Vultures and some were in the trees. As the Wild Dogs left it was incredible to see these Vultures landing like Boeings and they were scrambling for the food. Again we watched them until not much was left, them we went to see the Wild Dogs again cooling themselves in the waterhole.





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