Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 31st Jan

Salum Mpapa

The conversation on the lunch table this afternoon was about Leopard. One of our guest said ‘something I would real like to see is Leopard’. When we were having tea just before the drive she asked me again where I was going to drive that evening? It was a difficult question for me, because I knew what she meant, but I answered that we were going on the open plains. It was sunny and hot when we started the drive but when we got to Beho Beho International we saw dark grey clouds on the northern side of the reserve. For the short distance we travelled to the quarry both sides north and west were very dark and a strong wind started from west to east.  I decided to drive towards the battlefield where the wind was heading. It was a bit slow in terms of wildlife but when we got to the battle field we saw Zebra, warthog and one Wildebeest mixed in with a herd of Impala. The Impala where congregating together because the weather was confusing them.  As I stopped I spotted a Leopard standing, three quarters of his body was on land and the hind quarter was in the gully watching the herd of Impala. We watched him come out slowly and stalk those Impalas until he got to a bush and hid himself. Still it was long way to go to get to the Impalas but he was taking the advantage of the weather (wind was still blowing hard). Suddenly the wind changed direction and the Impala smelt him and ran but they didn’t go far because they didn’t see the Leopard. It was difficult for the Leopard to hunt again because the Impala were in the open plain. We decided to get close to the Leopard to get a better look at him. It was such a patient way of approach because I was starting the engine wait for a minute until the Leopard relaxed and then I went forward for two or three meters then I turned the engine off again. I did that until I got a good fifteen to twenty meters from the Leopard then we stopped. It was one of my best Leopard sightings because we could see it clearly and he was so relax. The only bad thing was the light wasn’t good. I’m not blaming the light because it was the thing that caused us to see that Leopard that time of the day. Otherwise it would be hot and Leopard would hide himself in the bushes. We spend nearly an hour watching him before he decided to get up and graceful walk back to the gully. Then we had our lovely sundowner watching big bull Elephant munching away.

Beho Beho Leopard

Beho Beho Leopard




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2 Responses to Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 31st Jan

  1. commondawg says:

    How come you never show us a leopard, when we are at Beho Beho, Salum?

  2. Paul Leatherman says:

    Our visit ended March 11,2009 and I have enjoyed the comments and especially the pictures from each season.We were the only couple in camp before you closed for the season 2008/2009. Loved every minute and it has been a life time experince for us.
    Carolyn and Paul Leatherman
    311 W. Main St
    New Lebanon, OH 45345

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