Beho Beho Bushblog – Salum – 28th Jan

Salum MpapaIt has been such a fantastic week because I have seen the rare animals like Bohor Reedbuck at Pelican pan and Honey Badger near to the Battlefield. The bush is still green although some grasses are wilting because of the sun as it hasn’t rained for about a week now. This morning when I woke up I heard the Lions roaring near to the camp (at Christopher’s Baobab). My morning drive started there to see if we could see them and luckily we did. They were our three dominant males sleeping on the open plain near to the Christopher’s Baobab. We spent about an hour watching them until they moved to the shade of a Palm tree. We carried on our game drive and we went to the battlefield where we saw some Giraffe, a breeding herd of Buffalo, Impala and Wildebeest, also we saw Warthog and Zebra. We had our picnic breakfast at the lollipop crossing while we were watching a tower of eleven Giraffe and two beautiful male Eland in the riverbed. After our breakfast we went to the Little Serengeti and we saw more animals including one male Bush pig in the middle of the plain. Carmine bee-eaters where entertaining us as they lloked like red arrows as they caught grasshoppers by the side of the car. After the little Serengeti I turned left to the plains and we ended up at the three ponds where we saw another big breeding herd of Buffalo. I was hoping to see some Hippos at the ponds but I didn’t. I decided to drive around the ponds and when I was on the northern side of the ponds all of a sudden three wild dogs popped out in front of the car from the gully. They seemed to have lost the other member of the pack. We followed them for about a hundred meters and they decided to go back to the gully and have a rest but we could still see them. We watched them for a long time before we decided to drive back.

2801122 2801121



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